Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Happy Birthday to my 21-yr-old, Alex!!!! And what was the first thing he did after dinner? Went to the liquor store and bought blueberry vodka! sigh... I can't believe that he is that old! Alex is moving back home for this year and maybe next year, too. He just finished his Junior year at SUNY Potsdam and is transferring to Clarkson for another two years. When he finishes that he will have both his engineering degree and a degree in physics. phew. Where in the world did he come from????? Anyway, his package at Clarkson wasn't enough for room and board soooooo looks like I'm sharing my van. AGAIN. I'm happy right now that two of my boys are back home (not that they are here very much!).
Noah LOVED Hawaii. OK what's not to like? But he came back all crazed (after talking with Adam) about my diet or lack of. So he has become the food police around here and I have to hide my mac and cheese. He has been doing research on line and he is VERY serious about it! Though I know it comes from fear and love it is a little hard to take! When is school starting??
So we are adjusting to all this maleness in the house! Thankfully Katie (model) came over for a visit and we got a couple of hours of photographing in. Will post the triangle scarf soon and I've started another! WooHoo!! Creativity is getting better. Maybe all I needed was some people around!
xo Cait


  1. Blueberry vodka? This gave me quite a chuckle! Hmmm... well, you're only young once! So glad to hear your cheerful events, Cait, and to know that you have all these males around you to life your spirits and help look after you! It may be hard to take, but Noah's on the right track with diet... so very important, moreso than most people care to think about. Tell him YAY for me and I'm with him in his efforts! And if you have to have mac and cheese, I have an excellent recipe that'll kick the pants off any processed and packaged mac-n-cheese!

    Can't wait to see the new scarf... so glad to know you're working again!

  2. It's nice when the boys come home, isn't it? My son just finished his freshman year and will be a swim coach this summer. I like the noise and kids in and out of the house. I guess we have a few years 'til the blueberry vodka!

    I'm trying to be so so careful with processed foods as well. It's a full time job.


  3. Yeah the food thing!!! It seems like everything is processed! Noah is not liking me having an english muffin in the morning cause it has processed (enriched) flour, etc. I try to read the labels but at the same time don't always have the energy to cook. Though I love baking and can make the muffins...But I do realize that he is right.

    Rebecca! I would love that receipe! email is caitthroop@hotmail.com if you have the time!!

    AND when I finish this chemo maybe I'll have some of that blueberry vodka! ha ha ha


  4. Happy Birthday, Alex.. loving hearing, seeing your blog post here, Cait..males, blueberry vodka and good times!!xoxo