Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Annie's Striped Rainbow Towels 2015

For the past several years a friend-of-a-friend has ordered towels as Christmas gifts...Used to be 12 towels.  This year it is 24 towels.  Two slightly different warps as well...Below is 1/3 of the warp being wound.  Hopefully today I will be able to do another 1/3 and might be able to work some this week in between the puppy and my sister, Faith, visiting for some days.  I can see this is going to take a while!

Winding 16 towels (you never can have enough!) on the warping reel...


All tied up so nothing slips and ready to chain off
in preparation for dressing the loom...

This is the wrap Annie liked...the proportions are not
as exact as I would like but I am fixing that
as I go...

Meanwhile it is another hot, stifling day...90 degrees
and you can't move without sweating...Kinda hot for
the North Country in September!

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