Friday, July 31, 2015

Adam's Mini Paintings

We visited my oldest, Adam, and my Daughter in Law, Alicia, and granddaughter, Ava, in March of this year.  A long, long trip to Maui.  We spent a little over a week there and got to see where they lived and get to know Ava a little.  We have skyped but it certainly isn't like a visit.

Adam paints and sells on Etsy as well as locally in Maui...  I fell in love with some of his tiny paintings and bought 3 of them to take back with us to Upstate New York.  Just got them framed and home the other day and I love the way they look!!!  A vacation for the eyes!

Well...maybe we can go back next year!!!  Though we are having a wedding next summer for Alex and Victoria so they will come out for that...Maui is way too far away. sigh.

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