Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pre Christmas Commissions and life full of color...

A couple of weeks ago a returning customer asked for 12
Crayon towels...I hadn't done towels in a year.
And I said yes before I knew whether or not I had
the materials to duplicate what I sent her last
year.  Sometimes I am an idiot.  And
sometimes the universe helps out because
I almost ran out of the dark green but
I didn't.  ha.

Winding bobbins

Loom threaded and sleyed and ready to weave.


And I promised another customer a rainbow scarf.
And I added enough warp to make cuff material.
Unfortunately there was not enough time to
make cuffs this year and photograph them
and put them on Etsy.  However, they will keep.

Then a cousin of mine saw the darker rainbow and
wanted a lighter one for her sister...

Lighter rainbow scarf.

It has been a season full of color and love,
snow and friendship and horses!  Hope you didn't
think I would leave without a photo of my Django!


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  1. How did you weave those scarves? Are you weaving two simultaneously? If you have a pattern, I would gladly buy. I have been weaving since 1997ish. Thanks.