Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kori's Shawl are the beginnings.  But these pictures give a false sense of being very blue and pink because the yarns are squished together obliterating some of the other colors.  And it will be tempered somewhat by whatever I decide to weave with.  And if I decide when I am warping that I don't like as much of one color as I originally thought, I will just throw some off the back of the loom. No problem.  And if Kori decides that this isn't at all what was in her head I will just list it on Etsy and make another.  So new beginnings.

This is about 5 inches wide

and 6 yards long

Going for 20 inches but not there yet.

Had to stop for the night...and the weekend is pretty booked but I might be able to start getting this on the loom the beginning of next week.  

Enjoy the weekend!

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