Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break

Noah was home for the week for Spring Break.
His last Spring Break from college.
And, yes, this is spring in the North Country!
Two new feet of snow.

I do have to say it was BITTER cold!
Like 6 degrees.

 And the snow was over my boots
where I was trying to stand
and take pics with his camera.
And I was laughing hard enough
to fall over.  The wind was howling, snow
was going sideways...all while
he kept yelling at me to "Hurry UP!"

He is a hardy soul.
Our entertainment factor certainly
goes up when he comes home.


  1. I have goosebumps from here! This is what spring looks like in New Brunswick too :) Your son is a hoot! xo

  2. These photos had me laughing! Ah--to have youngblood around the house must be a joy :-)

  3. haha love these photos! I think I would prefer snow to the endless rain we have had here in the UK...

  4. What a fun post Cait-- Noah reminds me of my son Cooper-- he has the same sense of play! I got such a kick out of this and your description of falling over in the snow with the freezing temps and wind and the laughter.. A total recipe for kicking the winter blues right in the butt! What a sweet heart of a son you have there Cait! ( figures--- he's your son! )