Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Empty Nest and Weaving...

So odd being without the boys.  Noah went back to
Skidmore for his senior year.
Alex got an apartment in town and is finishing
 up his graduate degree in Engineering.  
Me...I'm just weaving and wondering who I can get
 to vacuum this place.  I tend to clutter up
all the downstairs when I'm working
and usually Noah gets fed up with my bad
habits and picks up (and hides things, I'm convinced).
Alex is always good for a vacuum if I ask
(neither he nor his father would ever
notice that it was needed).

So.  Weaving like a crazy person.

My Soft Stained Glass series

Three of each all sitting in my "shop" and virtually on Etsy.

More warping going on and towels still to be finished
and already designing new towels because 
Christmas is coming, people!!


So, now you know why I haven't been blogging
 lately.  Having way too much fun weaving.

Ellie update:
She is coming along though she has a bit of 
an attitude at times.  As in no I don't feel like working. 
But I am persevering and the trainer is still coming.  
This morning for the first time I took her out by myself 
to the outdoor arena to lunge and she was not too happy.
Even though she got some hay before going out.  
And we will do the same tomorrow morning 
and the next morning and the next morning. 
Trainer dude coming tomorrow. 
 We'll see how much progress we have made.

1 comment:

  1. Your weaving and color choices are absolutely beautiful and so soft looking.

    Ellie looks wonderful! But I can't help it.. I don't think she was the right choice of horse for you and if you are even feeling an inkling of that sentiment, go with your gut.