Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sunshine Warp for Wraps/Scarves

Working on a yellow warp for a shawl...Of course I can't just make it only yellow but...

This is only about half the width I will need so I
am still in the designing phase.  My favorite thing to do.

After this I still have to tie it up, remove the warp from the 
warping mill, slide it on the back rod of the loom,
put the lease sticks through the cross,
separate the warp threads into inch sections to put into a raddle
temporarily taped on the top of the loom,
 (so it winds on as wide as I need the finished piece to be),
wind the warp onto the back beam,
thread the yarn ends through the heddles in the order
of my weaving design,
pull (sley) the ends through the proper sized reed so the
finished weaving has the density I need as 
well as the width,
Wind the bobbins with the weaving thread (weft)
I weave.



  1. Wow what a process! Love the new colors

  2. Love the new design and all that yellow!,

  3. yellow is my absolute fav color! im always awed by your use of color. it is my weakest point.