Monday, September 10, 2012

Hay Delivery!

Sam and Cyd came with hay!  An unexpected pleasure!

Driven by Allysa and her Dad, Ray

So handsome!

So nice that Ray farms with his horses!  But he has sold his farm and they have to be out by sad.  They are off to Maine where they can make a lot more selling milk there than upstate NY.  We will dearly miss them!

Will leave you with some pictures of our sweet Ava...of course.  Here till Thurs. morning then off to great gramma's in NH and then to Alicia's Mom's house for the rest of their trip.  They are totally exhausted sleeping in two hour shifts, jet lag, baby off-schedule.  Today is a down day.  Not much going on...I'll encourage them to nap with Ava.  Meanwhile I'm dealing with tons of least.
Alex even babysat while we all went to the store!

Noah and sleeping Ava...

Ava and Nana...



  1. How super-romantic with the horse-drawn wagon!

    She's smiling in your arms...XXX

  2. i love the tiny smile she had for you, cait.

  3. She loves her Nana. Thank you for everything, Mom. We are starting to get back into a routine and Ava is actually sleeping sometimes 6 hours straight now. That is helping us recover! Keep checking my blog for updates and pictures. We all love you!