Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Still Dyeing...

Well, still dyeing...five (or is it 6) days of it.  More than I usually do at one time but when I measured out the dye I made it very strong and then when I lightened each color in a cup for use I had to add more urea water and that made more, and more, and more...well, I still have more dye to use.  But I'm tired of making skeins.  I'm tired of standing for hours.  I'm tired of rinsing.  My hands are chapped. 

Tired of wringing out skeins.

But then, something always happens and I look at the rainbows I've created and

I fall in love all over again...


  1. I love seeing all the beautiful colors and textures of your yarn, skeins, scarves, shawls, and everything else you create. You're such an inspiration for me! It's one of the first things I look at every morning. ~Doreen

  2. Keep on dyeing, Cait! These are all so beautiful - each one a masterpiece!!!

  3. Wow. So much worked involved, huh? I am loving all the colors! xo

  4. Ohhhh! Gorgeous colours! I can see why you fall in love with them. I am too. LOL

    However, I also understand why you have enough of it.... Hope you're almost done. It's fun to start something like this, but it's also good to be finished with it. xoxo