Monday, October 10, 2011

Barn Henge and Weekend Guests...

Barn Henge...Thank you, Harold, for dragging and dropping the poles into the holes with your bobcat!

Dick came to do Duke and Dom's feet...

Fabulous weekend...Noah came sister Meg and her partner, Darlene, brought my Mom up for a short visit from NH...Alex actually stayed home...

We worked on the barn, we wove a towel, AND we rode the horses. Meg had never been on a horse and was a little afraid of them but Duke won her over and we actually got her to ride. Darlene rode with me after out to the field. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of us riding...

Here's my Mom weaving!!!! I think she had fun!

Alex, Noah, and friend Isaiah setting posts with Meg's help...

Gary and Alex putting up the first board (loft height) on the barn...Unfortunately all our company is gone now and we are on our own to finish plus whatever help Alex can give between school and work...I better get some rest!!



  1. What a great weekend!... weather has been incredible. Still 85 degrees here right now...

  2. Wonderful weather here, too! Hope you are riding, Karen!!

  3. I love going to your blog, because I feel like I would have loved being there, too...on your farm, and weaving with your mom!

  4. Oh Dawn, I wish you were closer!!!! We would have so much fun creating!

  5. Aren't neighbors suppose to help with barn raising? If we were close....we'd help.

  6. She DOES look like she's having a great time! Careful... she'll take over your business! LOL