Friday, September 2, 2011

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer sucks...I just came home from a funeral. There were three of us. Chris called us the Wellness Sisters. We all had pancreatic cancer. Monday, Cindy died. We both saw her on Sunday because her husband called me to tell me she was fading. I had been on vacation and then brought Noah to school and hadn't been home to check on her. She went fast. Almost too fast to process. She was a woman of faith. Something I'm lacking, I'm afraid. Hundreds turned out for her wake and funeral. I miss her already. She was an evangelistic sort of person and I've been thinking about that all day. In her honor I'm reaching out to anyone anywhere who has pancreatic cancer. If you want to talk. If you want to cry. If you just want someone to listen and understand, contact me. I feel utterly helpless sometimes but I'm not giving up. Ever. And I'm royally pissed off.


  1. *hugs* xx
    I know cancer sucks. But so do plane crashes when your full of life friends die. It's hard enough when sick or old people die, let alone the young healthy ones.

  2. Oh Melanie, I know...sending hugs back to you!

  3. I'm sorry.
    and I love your moxie.