Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blue Blocked Towels... towels. Actually I've made similar ones before but thought I would sort of recreate them for summer because I'm in love with these bright, cheerful colors!

Winding the warp onto the loom using lease sticks

All wound on and ready to thread

Threading for plain weave through the heddles

Threading through heddles and then through the reed

All ready for weaving

Bobbins wound and ready to go

There, now I'm happy...I'm actually starting something new.



  1. I adore seeing these pix of the process. A delight to see your work in all stages, Cait. And soon, you, as well! Yay!

  2. Love the pictures of you working on your craft-art. The beauty is outstanding!

  3. Gorgeous photos of your working threads. Masterfully photographed.

  4. Thank you all!!! I found these colors refreshing for me--I was tired of working on the other towels and really needed to push through and empty two looms. Now I'm ready to design a scarf and then I'm ready for MY TRIP!!! YAY! Here I come, Ginny!!! And Mary, Can I call you when I get back and come over to work on my buttons???? Dawn, your photography totally rocks!!!!!!!!

  5. Fabulous colours. Love the depth. Wonderful! :-) xo

  6. Thanks Sybille!! I love seeing all the bobbins wound with color and lined up!!! xo