Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Good-bye...

Saying good-bye to Noah...sigh...he has been with me all year but I know I can't keep him. Here we are at Skidmore College dropping him off after the wedding. So I said goodbye to my oldest and youngest all in one day.'s a good thing Alex moved back home for the year so he could afford to go to Clarkson Univ. which is right in town. Alex has never been the only one home because he is the middle child so it's going to be interesting. I guess I'm not ready for empty nest yet...

On another note I have a triangle weaving class shaping up for Sept 20 which will be fun and a friend from high school is flying into Syracuse on the 15th for a couple of days to visit and I haven't seen her in at least 30 years! So new things to look forward to!
xo Cait


  1. Oh Cait... that third photo just made me cry. The whole emotional aspect of saying goodbye to a child is simply radiating from that hug. Good grief... where are my tissues???? I wish him much luck in his new endeavor... and you as well! Enjoy your time with Alex!

    And hey, big congrats on finishing chemo! I can't believe that it's been a year almost since your first sign of illness. Wow! So glad that you are healthy again and able to enjoy life! HUGS!

  2. Oh Rebecca, thank you--at least your comment about the tissues made me laugh! It is hard to say good-bye especially when I know their lives are all about moving away! But YAY almost a year and I'm feeling healthy! xo

  3. cait, i love that last sentence!

    i keep thinking it will be aesier-hannah just left for grad school-and it isn't. hang in there, and i'm so glad you're feeling healthier.

  4. Velma, yeah, it doesn't get any easier...