Monday, July 19, 2010

Sister's Day!

Drove to Burlington, VT on Thursday to meet up with my sisters. They drove up from points south (Ct, MA, NH) and met me at our motel. I haven't seen 3 of them since I was very sick in January and staying at my Mom's. What a difference a couple of months make!!!! From left to right: Eileen, Meg, me, Faith, Maureen. We walked downtown and shopped, bought gifts, tried on clothes. I was going to buy a dress for Adam's wedding but Faith brought up a couple of dresses for me to try on and I fell in love with one so I'm borrowing it! We also exchange gifts at Sister's Day and that was fun! After lunch and shopping we went back to the motel and had some wine, lots of talk, ordered a pizza and talked until I fell asleep. The next morning we had breakfast at the motel, packed up, and went to lunch. I know it seems like all we do is eat but hours passed while we talked, honest! After lunch we sat in Meg's car and talked some more. Finally I said goodbye and drove off leaving all of them to drive together. I know they solved all my problems on their way home! :) I should have snagged a sister to drive with.

A snapshot when I boarded the ferry crossing Lake Champlain into NY.
A windmill farm though I was taking the picture out my window driving and you can't really get the huge scope of these from my pics!

I'm off to chemo this morning starting my 5th round! YAY! I'm bringing my knitting!
xo Cait


  1. Oh wow! LOVE the photo of all you gorgeous sisters! Must have been fun growing up with all of you around the house.

    Good luck with this round of chemo! Kick it's a@#


  2. Wow... FIVE sisters? How fabulous! Sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time! And man, are you looking good, Cait! I'm so glad you're feeling well enough to get around and enjoy life, shopping, wine and all that good stuff! YAY! Good luck with this round of chemo. Thinking of you!

  3. Yo Cait!! how wonderful to see the pix from sisters Day..what a great group!! And you're looking good, girl! I just love seeing you with all your sisters; I bet they were relieved and delighted to see you feeling so much better than in January! Nice to see the other pix, as well; hope the start of round 5 chemo went well. xoxo

  4. Five beautiful smiles; all alike!! So glad you all got together and had a great time!
    Hoping chemo #5 goes well... Love ya!

  5. it makes me happy to see your picture with your sisters... and you smiling and looking great - makes me VERY happy Cait. You are just a cutie!! Hang in there :D

  6. Hi, Cait,
    I looked for you at the Zonta Show in Ogd on Sunday. When I didn't find you, I went looking and found this site. Sorry to read that you have been ill. Great picture of you and your sisters. Thinking of you, hoping for the best.
    Margaret Garman

  7. Great to see you with all your sisters, and looking so fantastic too! Glad you had a great time together, and praying that round 5 goes well :)

  8. Thanks guys! It really was a very special couple of days. I miss living near my sisters so it is a treat to see any of them and amazing to see them all! :)

  9. hi cait, your enthusiasm is palpable. i just passed the windmills today. and tomorrow i go with 3rd sister, to another 1st sister's memorial service and will see 4th sister, and one(2nd) died years ago--five sisters, me #5. how about a play date soon?

  10. Hi Cait! Your Sister's Day sounds wonderful!! And thanks for sharing the picture of all of you. You look terrific! Stay strong and keep up your fight. You're in my thoughts and prayers as you begin round 5!

  11. Velma! I hope you are feeling better and that it was only the heat getting you down. Memorial services for sisters--so hard to imagine. I didn't know you had 4 also! And a playdate sounds so good right now as I'm trying to make up for 7 months of not working to get ready for my show the end of Aug. in Clayton...a little tired here!! :)

    Jeanne! It's been so long since I've seen you! I'll have to stop by next time I'm near Amherst. I appreciate being in your thoughts and prayers. Give my best to all of my old buds at NES!! (or whatever you are called nowadays!) And a hug for you, too!!!!

  12. Hi Cait,
    September sounds good for coming to the studio. I am impressed that you are doing the Clayton Show. Carry on. You are amazing. I am having family for that week. A very special time since I have two grandchildren coming with my son and daughter-in-law. Nothing better than that. Talk to you soon.

  13. Five sisters!!! What a wonderful thing. I have just one and I cherish her.

    I love your work!...

    I grew up on Staten Island and summered with a boyfriend on Tenanah Lake outside of Roscoe (Roscoe Diner!!) and used to vacation with my family when I was very young on my Uncle's Cow farm in Sidney. Upstate New York is beautiful!

    Good luck with your chemo treatment. You have the right attitude!

  14. Sisters Day sounds wonderful. I only have one though, but I'm sure we could still have fun.

    How many rounds of chemo do you have to have? Does each round consist of more than one session?