Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back from Clayton!

Wow, it's so good to be home, back in my routine!!! Yesterday after the weekend show in Clayton, I was wiped...We drove back and forth every day, including Friday to set up (about 3 hours total) and I stood for two days on cement! phew...But it was a good show and I wove a triangle scarf over the two days and took it off last night! And I love seeing the vendors I've known for years and catching up. I also had lots of repeat customers and lots of great feedback on their previous purchases as well as new sales!!!! So a big success! AND I came home to a couple of sales on Etsy as well...soooooo! I have to weave, weave, weave and make up more inventory!

Thank you all for your good wishes!!!
These pictures show the booth as we set up but I did move the skinny box out (to behind the curtain) to give me more room to weave on the triangle loom which is hanging and we put a rug down to make it more homey! I also received my jewelry stands in the mail on Saturday so my cuffs and pendants were hung in style on Sunday at least!!


  1. I need to get out to my studio, but just posted something on the Etsyveg Blog and decided I'd check yours out to see how the show went. Wow, Cait... what a beautiful booth you have! Everything is so colorful and inviting... I know I'd spend a lot of time in there if I was at that show! And those hats are to die for! Absolutely love them. Do you ever sell these in your etsy shop? Congrats on your success and sales! Yay!

  2. Hi Rebecca! I haven't sold the hats on Etsy yet! I find that people come in the booth just to try on hats--there seems to be a real pull there! I think they love trying them on and it gets other people in the booth too. I need to find a place to buy cheaper yarn to felt--right now I buy it locally and it just doesn't really pay...still looking! Thanks as always for your support! I'm off to check out everyone's blogs!! xoxo