Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Morning

I'm still asleep but couldn't sleep, you know? I tried and tried because I knew I didn't have to get up this early even to do chores but...here I am starting the day with Etsy and my blog and my coffee. ahhhh...

It's hot and sticky already and I took a picture of the barn last night and my outdoor arena beyond it just because it's beautiful! We have had so much rain it is a jungle up here and the grass needs to be mowed every four days or so! And the bugs are driving the horses crazy even with masks on and spray so they spend most of their day standing in the barn where it is cool and dark. Riding has been tricky because they are constantly biting at their chests at the horrible bugs! Found a friend to ride with on Thursday morning but we'll have to get out really early.
Took one of my Sunshine & Shimmer scarves off the loom and already sold it! Wow they are popular! I have two more on the loom and I think I will try to design a S & S scarf II. Hopefully I will have enough stuff without dyeing anything! It's too hot upstairs to work for any length of time so I am waiting until fall to do any dyeing!
Off to do chores! Hope everyone has a marvelous and creative day!! xoxo

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