Friday, August 21, 2009

Finished cuff

So far I've finished two scarves and strips for cuffs from that warp I've been working on! Here is one of the cuffs (which is already sold to a sweet etsy friend in Maryland!). I love the way it turned out and I can't wait to make more! But today is packing day for my craft fair in Clayton and I took some things off Etsy...Hopefully I will sell lots! Meanwhile I am featured on two blogs! Please take a look at ! Alyssa features new artists everyday! And her Etsy store is wonderful-- And Natalie on also featured my work! Check out her store at ! I'm honored to be in both of these! Below is a picture of a shawl which I haven't loaded on Etsy yet. Uses all hand dyed rayon/cotton threads and the drape is amazing!!

And I might as well include my horses here in their fly masks! It is so hot and humid today everyone is miserable!! But at least the grass is growing and I've got hay in the barn! Yay!!
Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. oh my gosh, that blue shawl/scarf is to die for! Good luck with your weekend show. I'm hoping (keeping fingers crossed) to get a treasury up in just a little while and one of your scarves will be featured. Be sure to look for it when you get home from the show!

  2. Your work is amazing, I studied weaving at uni and have a couple of looms, sadly they are just collecting dust at the moment.

  3. Rebecca! Thank you for putting me in your treasury--which has LOTS of views by the way!! Yay! Beautiful!!!

    Fibrespace! Too bad you are so far away--you could come over and weave and design with me! It would be nice to have another fiber person around! :)