Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Triangle Weaving - Video

Ahhhh, middle son Alex goes back to college today. Lucky for us he is going to Potsdam State so we get to see him! Youngest (Noah) is taking a year off before starting college at Skidmore and thinking of hiking part of the Appalachian Trail maybe in Massachusetts and Connecticut before winter or if that doesn't work flying to Hawaii to be with his oldest brother Adam who is working for the Hyatt on Kauaii and who also hiked through W. Virginia a couple of years back with his fiance, Alicia! Nice to be young and carefree!

I, meanwhile, keep the home fires burning and miss them all!! Am almost finished with another triangle scarf...this time in neutrals with thinner yarns, mostly rayon. It should turn out to be very silky and drapey instead of thick and warm. We'll see!!

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