Saturday, August 8, 2009

Finished scarf!

I finally finished one chenille scarf! Actually I would have done more but I had overnight guests (cousin and family from Texas!) and my 18 yo had a violin recital and my neighbors are gone for a week and I am taking care of their horses as well! So my time on the loom became shorter. Right now it's Sat morning 8:00 am and everyone else is asleep. I'm sneaking in a bit of Etsy time as well as blog time before I do chores. I love this quiet time...the sun is shining, it is in the 70s and not too muggy...lovely! I only got one good photograph of my newest scarf because the only room in the house that faces east and has a huge dormer window is our bedroom and the color is sort of a robin's egg blue and the photos of the scarf just blued out and looked awful so I guess later I might hang a sheet. I love photographing in that room because the light is so lovely but there are certain colors that just don't work!


  1. looks great- off to check out your shop

  2. Nice blues... and I hear you about the photography... lighting, environment, everything has to be just right.

  3. Lighting up here can be tricky! I seem to have better luck in the winter--sun too strong in the summer or it is raining! :) Still working on it!