Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunshine and Shimmer scarves

Well, I have duplicated the warp for my Sunshine and Shimmer scarves which I have not done before mostly because I never seem to have enough of the same fibers. But this time...yay!! So I will have three more scarves, one wide cuff and three skinny cuffs. I just took off the cuffs and one scarf (that scarf is already promised on Etsy!!) and they have been washed and are drying.
Soooo I know the warp doesn't look like the final product here but when I weave it with my coppery tencel thread it just shimmers and I love it!!
My warp on the warping reel... Winding on the loom
Winding, winding... And weaving 2 different color cuffs
Tomorrow sewing, snaps, photographing!! Hopefully there will be some sun and I can get good photographs...then maybe loading onto Etsy if there is time!!


  1. I love this post... love the photos and seeing and hearing about the process.

  2. Thanks Rebecca! Tomorrow I'm trying to load me weaving! We'll see if that works! :)