Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Morning

Slept in this morning till 9:00!! Poor hungry horses (poor hungry very fat horses). Have a whole list of things to do including brushhogging my horse trails in the field because if I don't cut down the grass some the bugs are awful for the horses. I just finished some pink cuffs which have to be photographed (AND the sun is out! yay!) and I'm working on the "Pretty in Pink" scarves.

I was just contacted by a shop in Saratoga, NY for consignment and I'm thinking about checking them out because next year my 18 yo will be going to Skidmore, which is in Saratoga (he has deferred for a year to make some money for school). I don't want to get over stressed keeping too many shops supplied but I might give up one of my galleries in I'm thinking. Also thinking about how busy I might be before Christmas. I love Christmas and I love all the preparations and the decorating and the baking but when that is the time of year everyone buys it can get crazy around here and I get crabby!
But for now I'm taking the day off Etsy and weaving and working outside. The air is nice, it's not too hot and not too muggy. And maybe this evening I will have time to play with the horses!

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