Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Etsy Front Page

OMG My cuff made the front page of Etsy yesterday afternoon!! I am beyond thrilled! It feels amazing to live in this tiny town in upstate NY where almost everyone knows me and where my work is pretty much taken in stride to being projected over the internet to the world!! WOW! I was on the FRONT PAGE OF THE WORLD!! phew...I feel wonderful!

While it was raining yesterday the sun was out and I took a rainbow picture (so fit my good mood!) and my husband (Gary) also took a tiny video of me weaving the last of my Sunshine and Shimmer scarves but I am having trouble loading it up so I will ask my Noah this morning. Actually what I do is probably pretty boring and repetitive to most people but I love designing and then seeing the fabric grow before my eyes and hands! So today I am in love with my life!!!


  1. Cait - congratulatons on your Front Page news! I am not surprised - you are so talented - gorgeous work from a beautiful person! I am so happy that it is being recognized and given credit on
    Marilyn Truax, A Touch of Craft

  2. Congrats on FP!! Your work is absolutely stunning... lovely color combinations and styles! No wonder Etsy put it there!

  3. Thanks guys!! I still have a silly smile on my face! I love selling on Etsy!!