Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Morning Chores

I'm up early to do chores but I wanted to work a little on the computer and I don't think my horses expect me this early so I thought I would load a couple of pictures of my indoor animals! We are kittysitting Magic (black) for a couple of years while my son and his fiance are working and living in Kauai. Lucy (gray) is our 12 yo cat we got from the shelter 11 years ago--she has a bit of an attitude even after living with us that long! Balou (part seal point) is our baby though she is 8 yo. Very gentle and lovey and mellow. She loves wrestling with Magic and they chase each other all over the house like kittens. Magic is the youngest and loves attention and plays in her water dish...I keep all the cats out of the spare room where I store my woven work but can't guarantee that someone won't be sensitive! And my dog, Obi! He is a little rescue we acquired 4 years ago...we think he is about 8 yo. He is a peekapugapoo mutt who is adorable and loves everyone!

Now to wake up the horses and clean stalls before it rains!

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