Thursday, August 6, 2009

Soft Stained Glass series

I'm off to weave my chenille scarves. The warp is designed and the loom is dressed. Now to wind 7 bobbins with the 7 colors and get down to work! The problem with me is that I love the designing. I love the warping. I love to dress the loom. I love seeing my looms humming with potential AND I love to weave the first scarf. Then I want to design something else so I end up with my three working looms loaded with unwoven thread waiting for me to finish them! Because it is so time-consuming to warp I have to load the looms with at least three scarves (usually 4) to make it worthwhile. Where are my little weaving minions?? hmmm. Enough procrastinating... (but maybe I can play on Etsy for a while, or make an Etsy treasury, or check my email...)


  1. Wonderful!! Congratulations!! :-) :-)

  2. I never know if these pictures make any sense to anyone but me!! But I'm going to try some tiny videos next!!