Sunday, August 30, 2015

A walk in the woods with Hannah...

The new road down from the riding arena...Most of the time I have
to drag Hannah until we get to the woods.
Her idea of a walk is a lie-down.  I allow
her plenty of time to smell everything on the
way but we have to have a little walk as well!

My riding/walking path...raked and most of
the rocks dug out...Hannah loves it up here just
not the getting up here!  Once we are in the woods
I drop her leash and let her run and roam.
My place of solace and peace...


Hope everyone's weekend was lovely!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rayon Shawl...

Warp all wound on, heddles threaded...

Sleyed and tied...

And weaving!  Puppy in her crate expanding her bladder control!

 Weaving with a very fine and bumpy rayon twist.

I was going to leave it striped but decided to
lay in pieces of color even though it
slows down the process by
quite a bit...

I at least feel like progress was made!  And Hannah
patiently waited for me until 6:15 this morning!
No accidents in the house for days.  Tolerating her
crate really well.  Being very scheduled so
her body knows what to expect!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Shawl Material...and Horses...and Hannah!.

Started a new shawl plus enough I think for a jacket, hopefully.  Wound the warp onto the loom today after spending days and days actually making the warp because this new puppy addition is taking up some weaving time, for sure!

White rayon with amazing novelty yarns placed randomly...I have done similar ones before though not as wide and never made a jacket out of the material.

We had to close the north pasture earlier because the horses had eaten it to the ground while we were trying desperately to get the south pasture at least passable.  The south pasture is full of rocks and hadn't been used in years so the grass was tall and the rocks hidden.  First we had to string trim the grass down to a level so the horses could see where the rocks were and work on the fence as well.  So the north pasture is now lovely grass and the horses very happy to be out there even with the biting flies.


And this puppy is taking up all my time!  I need to weave!  I need to ride!  But she does melt my heart...


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rest In Peace my little Obie...June 2000 - August 17, 2015

I know...15 is a ripe old age for a dog...He arrived when he was 3 years the winter.  His previous owner was ill and could no longer take care of him.  He was not house trained.  Back then we had our lab, Heidi, who helped us train him.  And at three he was trained in a week...even in the cold.  Though he did used to try to lift all four legs off the cold snow until we bought him boots.  He looked like those lizards on the hot sands.  He was 8 pounds of love.  I used to take him to work when I worked in a local gallery and customers would carry him around loving him.  He was never an ankle biter.  The only command he ever learned was "kennel" and he would run and lie down in his crate.  I tried to teach him "sit" once but he thought I was mad at him and ran off to his crate.  In any case he was so small you couldn't tell whether he was sitting or not. He loved to sit next to Gary or me.  Always on the left, for some reason.  He would tuck in there to keep warm.  And he loved, loved, loved the boys!  When Alex came home he would take him and let him sleep on the bed and when Noah came home he did the same.  Obie was in love with sleeping on beds.

The past couple of years he was deaf and this past year I have had to diaper him because he didn't always have control...This weekend when we were getting Hannah, he went downhill...was retching on Friday night.  I called the vet but he said there was little they would do besides perhaps x-rays and exploratory surgery if he had swallowed something.  We left him in a friend's care when we got the puppy but when we came home he was no better.  By Sunday, I swear he had lost a couple of pounds and we were giving him water with a syringe by mouth.  Sunday night when I brought him out to pee he was so frail he fell over.  Monday we brought him in to the vets and first she gave him a tranquilizer and we put him on a lovely quilt.  She left us with him for a while to say goodbye and then when he was all relaxed she gave him the pink stuff.

So...another loved one buried here on the farm...Obie joins Heidi, Dommie, and Duke...


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hannah Puppy

OK I don't think I will be getting anything done for another year...she is cute but a handful!  Everything is new.  She was the first of her littermates to go...never been in a crate or a car and we had a 3hr trip...never been left alone all night in a crate...not housetrained, of course...curious about everything.

Needless to say we didn't have very much sleep last night.  And she was up at 5...Don't know how much weaving will be getting done!


Friday, August 14, 2015

Student Work continued...

So my student made a little warp, dressed the loom, including a complicated little pattern, and wove it off.  Overshot with two shuttles!  WooHoo!  Great job, Kathy!

Knotting the fringe

A little beauty for her table!

Off to get our new puppy, Hannah, tomorrow.  An English Lab female.  It has been 35 years since I had a puppy.  OMG...What am I thinking.  My rescue dog is 15 years old, deaf, and wears a diaper.  These labs are bred for temperament not really for show.  And I want to raise a therapy dog and go to nursing homes.  I remember when I was in the hospital in NYC a therapy poodle came through a couple of times.  So sweet and comforting.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hair Flowers Continued...

Just finished photographing four of the flowers for Etsy...

 Not quite up on Etsy yet...I think I will wait to post them until tonight.  Meanwhile I'm off to mow the grass if it is dry enough out there.