Friday, April 4, 2014


Florence, Italy.  I'm in love.




School kids going through the plaza!

The Ponte Vecchio (old bridge), built in 1345 originally
for butchers but changed to jewelry

Approach to the Ponte Vecchio

View to another bridge from the Ponte Vecchio

Little Piggy Market
The people were amazing, the city is ancient and beautiful, and I want to go back.  I took over 300 photos.  We had wonderful tours with knowledgeable guides.  Stayed in the 4 Seasons Hotel which was amazing all in itself.  I loved walking the city, eating the wonderful food, drinking good wine, dunking bread in lovely olive oil.  I think Italian is the most lyrical language of all.  And we want to buy a villa and retire to Italy.  sigh.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Florence, Italy!

We are off to Syracuse tomorrow morning, staying overnight because there is supposed to be snow and we have to drive through a very bad region for snow off the lake (enough that they sometimes have to close the highway).  Saturday early afternoon we catch a flight to Washington, from there to Zurich, and on to Florence!  I can't believe I'm actually going!  Totally on my bucket list.  Alex is moving into the house to take care of everyone.  He is such a sweetie!

We will be gone a week and hopefully the weather will have moderated some by the time we get back!  While I like snow, I think it is time for spring.  Though up here I know I'm asking for mud season.  

There will be photos to come, I promise!!

Two cuffs in the making...splitting the warp in two because
it is too wide for a wide cuff.  These will have
to wait until I'm back!

Obie and Ollie have been cold...I think they will be glad when it is warmer.  Though they both tend to warm up by sleeping behind the wood/cook stove.  They are good company for me!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break

Noah was home for the week for Spring Break.
His last Spring Break from college.
And, yes, this is spring in the North Country!
Two new feet of snow.

I do have to say it was BITTER cold!
Like 6 degrees.

 And the snow was over my boots
where I was trying to stand
and take pics with his camera.
And I was laughing hard enough
to fall over.  The wind was howling, snow
was going sideways...all while
he kept yelling at me to "Hurry UP!"

He is a hardy soul.
Our entertainment factor certainly
goes up when he comes home.

Friday, March 7, 2014

We have a Date!!!

We have a tentative date, anyway...April 13!!!
This gives the weather
a chance to moderate somewhat,
the snow to melt,
the sun to dry the land.
I'm telling Duke tomorrow.  He is so quiet
and seems so lonely even though he
never got along with Miss Ellie.

Speaking of Miss Ellie...she is doing fine
over at a barn nearby and the owner/trainer
is going to buy her.  She actually seems happier
there probably because they are so at ease
with b*tchy mares.
And maybe because she has mare friends
and Duke isn't kicking her.

My Alex went down near Albany for a job interview
which went well and he is expecting to
get and accept this job.  My mechanical engineer...
Noah will be home tomorrow for a week
from Skidmore.  Hopefully when he
graduates this spring he will get a job fairly
close as well.  This letting go is a little
Yes another reason to fall in love with this horse...

And I sold this scarf already!
Just have to weave off two more!
Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Monet's Garden Scarf

Here I am slipping under the wire with my second post this month!  Finished one scarf and I'm thinking of re-sleying the next one making it wider and lighter.  This scarf is a medium weight...

The scarf uses a lot of my hand-dyed yarns and I might have to keep one of these for me!  So luxurious!  Soon to be up on Etsy... Hope everyone enjoys their weekend...


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm always playing catch-up lately!

Sometimes I just don't know where to begin...Ellie is at a boarding stable here but a very good friend is going to take her to Rochester to another barn to see if she can sell her.  Apparently they do a good job of matching up horses and riders there...All going to happen middle March.

I have been looking for a gelding and found a sweetheart over near Burlington.  I think we are a good match but we are waiting for the owner to think so, too.  We went over twice.  Rode three times.  He is friendly, curious, sensitive, very easy on the eyes, sane, energetic but not like Ellie, kind...I really liked him.  So now we are waiting to hear.  I'm sure there are better riders out there who are interested in him but I'm hoping!! AND he loves to be groomed! What can I say? Especially since Ellie didn't like being handled at all.

Here is Django!  So handsome...I would post some video but Gary took them all sideways.  sigh.

 A barred owl showed up a couple of weeks ago by the bird feeder...absolutely leaving the birds alone but we watched him catch a couple of mice or voles!  I have never seen an owl in the wild!

 My youngest brother, Stephen, got married this past Saturday to Ellen.  The wedding was in Colorado and we couldn't go.  But I really like my new sister-in-law and maybe they will come east for a visit in the summer.

I've been weaving...working on towels, wove a chenille scarf for one of my returning customers, and now just warping up for a multi-colored, mixed warp, dress scarf.

The house is leaking, my car leaks, the hot water froze going to the washing machine, the furnace stopped sometime last night and the fix-it guy is right now replacing the motor...I think this place is self-destructing.  On a positive note my Mom's house is selling so I will have some $$ to take down the old barn!  Such an eyesore.  Plus I think it is dangerous.

A dear friend came to visit a couple of weeks ago bringing me some bare branches.  A touch of spring, now!

And we are going to Italy late March...for a week!  Alex and Victoria are moving back to the house to take care of all the critters (my heartfelt thanks to them!!).  I am actually more excited about this horse than Italy though I know that is hard for my family to believe!

So...still cold...still winter!
Stay warm!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Miss Ellie's been a long winter so far and I've had a lot of time to think...maybe too much time...but in any case I think I'm putting Miss Ellie up for sale.  I absolutely hate giving up.  On her.  On me.  But she still needs a lot of work before I am comfortable riding her alone in the fields, on the road, in the woods.  And I just can't justify spending another spring and summer and fall working with her solely on the ground and only riding her when my trainer comes (again $$$).  If I was younger I wouldn't mind so much.  But after cancer you pretty much wake up surprised every morning that you are still here...and I really want to ride in my remaining time.
So, Saturday afternoon she is going over to a hunter/jumper barn where she can be seen and ridden by younger (braver) girls and maybe there someone will fall in love with her and have the patience to work through the rest of her training.

Duke will be lonely, I know...But I am looking again for another...this time back to geldings.  Older (like I am), friendly, calm and steady.  I am a little depressed by the whole thing but it might just be the unrelenting cold that has got me down.  And actually Duke always kicks at her and now she has a cut over her eye.  So I guess that isn't such a good match as well.  I might be looking at a gelding over near Burlington, VT on Sunday if the weather cooperates.  A 12-yo gelding.  We'll see.

So.  The stove pipe got ripped off during the ice storm for the downstairs (cellar) woodstove.  The showroom/workroom developed leaks because of the flat roof addition the idiots put on before we moved here.  I had to move a loom and tons of yarn out of the room to mop up.   Waiting till spring to fix that roof.  And the hot water pipe to the washing machine froze and broke last week so we tore up the floor and Gary is fixing that.  A hard winter.  At least everything is fixable!

Hope everyone is warm and dry!