Monday, August 17, 2009

An autumn scarf

So far this is a no-name scarf! It has rich, autumnal colors and I've woven one scarf using my coppery thread and haven't taken it off the loom yet because I'm weaving two lengths for skinny cuffs (one with copper and one with verdigris green thread and I might change that) and maybe one wide cuff (with I don't know what?) then I will take all of that off the loom and weave 3 more scarves. I'm feeling way behind now though because I haven't finished my blue/green chenille scarves and I have a long wide piece in reds to weave on my big loom. AND it is in the 90s this week and I'm melting!!!
Meanwhile I hope everyone has a happy Monday!!!


  1. These colors are fabulous... a beautiful "go with anything" mix!

  2. Thanks you both!!! Another day in the 90s!! Can't wait for fall and the coolness! The heat has slowed me down!