Thursday, September 10, 2009

Threading My "Falling Leaves" Scarf Video

Sooooo even though I was supposed to leave my looms empty I just couldn't and here is the threading (actually called sleying the dent) for another scarf--possibly named "Falling Leaves" though not a very original name...I love the reds and oranges with, of course, all the other colors I put in--yellow, green, blues, pink, violet, chocolate (chocolate goes with everything, right?)! And weaving with the copper...ahhhhh! You can see the colors much better on the warping mill which I published several days ago. Tomorrow I will post one of the finished scarves!


  1. This scarff sounds like one I'll love! Can't wait for you to post it! I love fall and all the colors, so for me the name is perfect! If you want, convo me after you've posted it (I can't wait to see it!)
    Xanna :)

  2. Hi Xanna!! I started to photograph the scarf today and my batteries died!! They are recharging and so am I!! You are so sweet to comment!! xo