Monday, September 28, 2009

New Cuffs and Teamepe on Etsy!!

I haven't loaded these cuffs onto Etsy yet because I have to take more photographs and this week is going to be rainy. I might have enough light later, we'll see. They are not completely finished because I'm trying to sell them to size and will finish them when the buyer gives me a measurement. I think they would look amazing with a little black dress at the office Christmas party...There is only one of the wide cuffs but a couple of the skinny ones.

I have a new treasury celebrating Etsy Project Embrace (teamepe) becoming an official team on Etsy. Most of the sellers in this treasury have certain items tagged and they donate a percentage of the proceeds of those sales to the American Cancer Society. I am proud to be a part of this team and hope to see a cure for cancer in my lifetime!!! Please check out the artists and if you are signed in to Etsy please leave a comment!!

Happy Monday, everyone!!!


  1. Love these colors... they look like the colors in your treasury! LOL! I think I should join EPE... when I make the time to retag some items.

  2. Hi Rebecca! So far I am not donating any of my proceeds--just spreading the word and being part of the team...When I can see clear of some of our debt I will retag and donate portions of some items! Soooo, you don't have to retag you can just join if you want!! xoxo Cait

  3. I sent a convo to Kristin just a bit ago. She's on vaca until week's end. But I'll choose a few pieces to donate a percentage. Fortunately, we aren't in debt, but we also have no income except for our art, which sure ain't much in these economic times! Hard to pay monthly bills that way! But I love how this EPE team has come together... so great!

  4. Hi Cait!!

    Just featured one of your beautiful creations in my Treasury ~~~

    Have a great week!
    xo Laura

  5. Thank you Laura!! It is beyond lovely! xoxo!

  6. Of course! I'm so glad you found the post! I didn't know you had a blog! I think your work is gorgeous.

    p.s. I finally got pictures posted of my first weaving project!

    Thanks for reading!

    Andrea Yu

  7. Thanks for coming to visit Andrea!! Loved the pictures you posted of the weaving!! YAY! xo