Friday, September 18, 2009

My Oldest Son--Etsy Newbie

I just wanted to introduce my oldest, Adam Serra, of He is an amazing photographer and has really been working at it his whole life. He has always loved cameras and photographs as well as oils and acrylics. Early on he dreamed of being a National Geographic photographer and is living at least part of that dream in Kauai, hiking and taking stunning landscapes. He also works full time as a restaurant manager at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa. Actually while hiking on the Kalalau Trail for 5 days with his fiancee, Alicia, and taking the photographs in his shop, he slipped, broke his leg, and had to be first carried in a sleeping bag by some men who were also hiking out, then airlifted to the nearest hospital, (all of which took 6 hours!!) leaving Alicia to hike the rest of the way on her own!! Plucky woman and I love her too!! It seems my children love their adventures!

Happy Friday, everyone!! Be creative!!


  1. Wow! All that artistic talent in one family? You guys kinda have the gene pool cornered! Love Adam's photo's! Love the hat! Am sending "get well soon" karma to your friend! She CAN do it! Looking foward to following Cait! Hugs to you and the ones you love! :) Ny.

  2. Thanks Ny!! Your kind thoughts are so appreciated! I'm proud of my boys! My middle boy is 20yo and a physics and math whiz--on his way to becomming an engineer...don't know where on earth he came from--not from my side! But he is an absolute sweetie...and would rather get his adventures via the internet games! LOL! xoxo Cait

  3. Amazing photographs, especially the last one. You must be so proud. :-)

    Scary rescue as well... at least it all worked out.

  4. Thanks Sybille, I am very proud of my kids! And actually Adam says that the carrying in the sleeping bag with a cliff on one side to the ocean and a tiny 6" trail was terrifying! Was he exaggerating??? I hope so!!! xo Cait