Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Family Life

I love living in upstate New York though lately I've been thinking that maybe we have done our children a disservice by not exposing them to the "real" world. We live here like we did in the 50s really. Our doors are not locked, people keep their cars running while they dash into a store, I can call the grocery store and they will give my husband a message for me. Well, you get the picture...Now my youngest wants to hike the Appalachian Trail starting in southern Vermont and hiking for three months until it gets too cold. And I'm thinking he has no idea what life is like outside of Potsdam!! And aside from the wildlife, I'm worried about bad guys!! OK and bears trying to get fat for the winter!! And there are ticks carrying parasites! And rattlesnakes! And probably mountain lions! And he is way too skinny for survival without food! I could walk for months without food--he needs calories! Well I think we are driving to Vermont on Saturday and I'm trying to be supportive but I am a little freaked out that he is going and going alone! His older brother did part of the trail but he was in his 20s and Noah is only 18. sigh...It's hard to let them go...He has been calling his brother every night in Hawaii and asking him questions and getting his gear together. What is it with boys and adventures!!!!
OK enough complaining...I'm off to do chores cause the horses are tired of waiting for me! Then a full day of weaving! And it's a good thing my kids don't bother to read my blog!! :)


  1. Cait, Don't feel guilty in the least! I have three girls and wish I could have kept them sheltered more. I have no advise other than I'm struggling along with you, my first one has her foot out the door as we speak and my second one is right behind her! I think all we can do is know we have done the very best we could do (I know I know easier said than done)! I'll try and remember my own advice when my daughter graduates this spring and decides to go to Japan to be with her boyfriend who is stationed there! I guess us Mom's need to stick together :)

  2. Thanks Xanna! I guess I really am kind of freaked out at my last one leaving!! Eeek! Japan!!! OMG. I know I left home at 19 but I made sooooo many mistakes and would not like them to repeat that!! But of course they will make their own mistakes. sigh... That's funny you have 3 girls and I have 3 boys! I have to say I've had a wonderful time raising them but hard to let them go... Thanks for your kind words!!

  3. Hi Cait!

    I LOVE your blog and I am sooooooo jealous that you have horses!! I have been riding since I was a sprout, but not so much anymore.....hard when you live in the city! Your house looks beautiful, your weaving video is perfect and your scarves are phenomenal!! See you over on Etsy!
    Peace and smiles..

  4. Wow, Kristin! Thank you!! Come ride with me! I'm always looking for a riding buddy!! Did you see the pictures of my backyard beauties?? xoxo Cait

  5. Living in the country is a great way to raise kids... they'll get enough of the "real" world when they finally get out there on their own. And hey, if they choose small town country life, that's even better, I think! I hear your fears on letting the 18 yr old go... it's a scary thing for that age. But it's a wonderful move towards independence and letting yourself know you can make it. I'm sure you've given him great life lessons along the way, and I bet he'll do just fine on the trail. And he knows where home is! My 26 year old is planning a cross-country bike trip next summer... was hoping to do it this year, but didn't get his ducks in a row. I think it will be a great experience if he makes it happen, and making it happen is part of the growing up phase. It's one thing to dream, it's another to plan and do!

  6. Hi Rebecca, I know you are right about letting go...He is my youngest and keeps his old parents laughing and entertained...hard to release him from bondage!! LOL! He does seem prepared and in fact we were supposed to drive him to VT this weekend but his older brother is sending him a camera and we have to wait for it--so next weekend his Dad will drive him because I have a triangle weaving class on Sat. (If I don't get enough people signed up it will cancel then I can go)! I know it is a right-of-passage thing and I'm trying not to hold on to him so tightly! sigh...

    Thank you everyone for all your kind comments on this--I don't know why I'm having such a hard time--I flew off to California when I was 19! Maybe I'm afraid he will be like me! LOL!