Saturday, September 5, 2009

Etsy Front Page!!!

Many, many thanks goes to Intres, an artist in Spain for putting together this amazing treasury which Etsy Admin picked for their front page last evening! Intres does innovative, imaginative, quirky, and wonderful soft sculptures! And I'm hoping to feature her on this blog soon! Meanwhile please check out her Etsy shop at ! And she is the genius who put together this beautiful treasury! I'm still new at doing screenshots and I can't figure out how to get one picture so you'll have to put up with seeing the top and the bottom! LOL ! And please check out the beautiful bowl on the lower right hand corner...another gifted Etsyian artist and her shop is where you can find simply gorgeous pottery! In my next life I want to work with clay!!!


  1. Congrats! Sorry I missed the FP!

  2. I saw that Front Page..and it was a beauty LIVE! I'm liking this blog of yours Cait, with the etsy shop, the weaving in the works, and the lovely upstate NY setting you live in!

  3. Thanks Ginny! I saw you on the front page this morning, I think! It was only for a minute and when I went back to check it was gone! BUT looking good!!!!