Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just finished a hat for a dear vendor friend! She is always at the Clayton Craft Fair and helped me tremendously in learning the ropes of craft fairing!! This year I looked over and saw two young people in her Phyllis? Turns out she was in the hospital having a breast biopsy and yes, it is cancer. The young people turned out to be her son and daughter. At the same time her husband was taken to the hospital because they thought he was having a heart attack! Wow...soooo they both showed up on the second day looking tired but ok. And Phyllis talked about a hat for when she lost her hair in the winter. Here it is! And I'm sooo pleased I was able to do something! You know how you always feel so helpless when something bad like that happens! Her prognosis is good, though! Phyllis, by the way, does the most amazing cross stitch...something I would have no patience doing! A trade might be in the making here--cause I don't think she will accept the hat without!

Happy Thursday to everyone! It is a gorgeous day up here in the North Country--sunny and cool! And I'm off to ride later, even though Dommie would rather just eat, thank you very much!! And I might have to clean the house...ugh...


  1. Beautiful hat from a beautiful heart!
    Thank you for sharing,
    Xanna :)

  2. Thanks, Xanna! So kind of you to comment! I haven't figured out how exactly I'm going to mail the hat!! I wonder if it will stay squished or pop right back into shape if I put it in a bubble envelope? Maybe I should just sit (literally) on it for a couple of days and see how it looks! LOL!!
    xo Cait

  3. Funny Cait! Hey...maybe thats a new marketing theme...inside a lovely soft cushion for your tush, outside a stylish cover for your head!
    LOL Xanna :)

  4. Thank you Sarah!! I've started a sagey green one--a really pretty color! It takes me a while though because I'm not a fast knitter but it gives me a break from weaving!! xo Cait

  5. What a lovely thing to do and what a GORGEOUS hat. You should sell those on Etsy.

    Hope your friend get's better very soon.

  6. Love your hats, and creating this one for Phyllis was such a wonderful thing to do... that's what life is all about... sharing and giving. This hat is a gorgeous color and style, and I know she'll love it!

  7. Thanks Sybille, I've thought about selling them on Etsy but I'm sooo slow. I make some and then I sell them at my craft shows--it seems to draw people into the booth because they love to try on hats!! And I have to find a place that sells yarn a little cheaper!! Maybe I'll get faster! xo

  8. Rebecca! Thanks for liking my hats!! AND thanks especially for putting my son (StudioSerra) in one of your amazing treasuries!! He is soooo tickled that someone would do that!! He is really a wonderful kid (ok he is 29yo!) and I miss him being in Hawaii for a couple of years!! But we talked Etsy stuff for a couple of hours last night! So nice to have that in common! When is your new album coming out? xo

  9. Hi Cait. Love this hat and Phyllis will sooo need it to keep the top of her gorgeous head warm.

    I found your blog from your Etsy page and love your work as well as your blog. Take care and Weave On my dear.

    The Blue Ridge Gal