Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring Cleaning--Done!

 Ohhhh...this is my workroom/storeroom before.  Things just got piled and thrown in there.  Broken things, half-done things, old things (see that football helmet??!!!  My brother's and he is 65 yo. sigh), broken looms, cones of thread, boxes of yarn, knitting, etc.  What can I say...I'm not the neatest person.  But it was getting to me.  I couldn't find anything and reorganizing this mess was daunting to say the least.  And it was draining all my creativity because I spent more time looking for things than actually doing.

Sooooo a good friend (thank you, Katie) offered to help and we purged, and cleaned and moved and hauled and brought my sewing stuff downstairs from yet another mess of a room and I went to Ikea in Canada and bought those wire basket thingies (they cost $30 for both!) and put a table top on them.  Finally a place for my serger and sewing with storage.
 Gary put up some make-shift shelves for the wide stuff.  And I had enough room in the middle (I know, hard to believe) for a table so I can lay out stuff (like little girl dresses!)...This is a tiny 8 x 10 foot room off the living room and it has a door.  So even though it isn't pretty, it is now very functional!

 OK then all the weaving stuff had to go somewhere so I took over the playroom which was sort of empty since Noah finished it.  Another purchase at Ikea was those black shelves, turned on their sides, making another table with storage.  And I'm going to buy a door and paint it black and turn the whole thing into a dyeing station. 

We moved my big, heavy, 8-harness, Macomber loom from the living room into the corner where it is very happy and I can see, for the first time, all my yarns.  And I can fit all my fancy, expensive yarns in the bins...

This totally has helped me feel more relaxed and peaceful.  It was a huge task taking days of work but I know where things are and I love my new loom room.  Been thinking lately of making some cotton scarves...hmmm...



  1. Wow Cait! It looks amazing!! I bet you're so excited about such an organized, beautiful workspace. Great work!


  2. What an incredible collection of yarns, Cait--and I can see music is important to you, too...drooling over your loom, and it's all so organized! Job well done!!!

  3. Wow! Lots of work but well worth it. I do the same with my painting and jewellery and knitting stuff now and again. Just to be able to find things gets the creative juices going again! xoxo