Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sewing Dresses for the Baby!

Now that I've just about finished cleaning up my act around here I found some cute fabric and ordered a pattern for a wrap/reversible dress from even tho I know I'm supposed to be weaving.  I think I need a break.

My granddaughter isn't actually born yet (mid-July is the due date) but a girl can't be too well dressed and I needed the lead time since I haven't really sewn anything is so long!  This pattern is the Emma Dress and I fell in love.  I used the 6-month size since I remember they outgrow that newborn stage so fast.  And I intend to make 2 more to take to the virtual baby shower June 10.  Virtual because my DIL and son live in Hawaii...

A tiny pinwhale corduroy on the inside and everything soft as can be!  I'm off to hunt up more fabric scraps.  So much fun sewing for a little girl!  Too bad the only fabric shop is 45 min. away and Noah has my van everyday.  However my Mom, who is 91, is almost ready to give up her car--a '92 Honda with 60,000 miles on it--to Noah and that will ease my life so much!



  1. Cait, that is a darling dress! I bet you are the best grandmother!

  2. Cait-- how exciting to be making clothes for your granddaughter to be! It's an adorable design and so versatile. Good idea on the size too-- they do grow so fast!! Have fun making the others-- and enjoy your walk! XO!

  3. totally cute! my mother saved several summer dresses with matching diaper covers in this exact style from when i was a baby in the sixties. just goes to show adorable baby clothes never go out of style! good luck to the expecting couple and hope you get to hold that grandbaby soon :)

  4. oooh, that's adorable. Love the color, fabric... and especially love dressing baby girls :-)

  5. What a lucky little girl, to have a YOU for her Grandmother!!! So happy for you, Cait! And that's a lovely Emma dress! xoxoxo