Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Merry, Merry Month of May!

Well, May went flying by.  I've been so busy there has been no time to blog.  Early in May I went to Camp Bravehearts in the Adirondacks for a weekend of challenges.  This is an oncology camp for women and I have to say full of the most amazing women EVER!!!  Last year I watched as women older than I am climbed up on the high ropes course.  This year I actually climbed the cargo net.  Oh my god.  You can't believe how high this is.  I know, the pictures don't really give you an idea but...halfway up I decided I had been brave enough but thanks for one of the staff on the platform I decided that maybe I could climb high enough to touch the platform.  Not actually get ON the platform but reach up and touch it.  Terrifying, really.  Even with a harness.  It totally doesn't matter having a harness on.  sigh.  But I was happy with what I did because heights do strange things to me.  AND maybe next year a platform!?  They sort of sway in the breeze and are very, very small...

Climbing the cargo net on the high ropes course

Well, I touched the platform...

The high ropes course at Camp Bravehearts.
Then it was my birthday.  Can I say that I'm happy to have another one!!!!!!!!!!  In fact getting older is great with me and I'm feeling healthy! 

Then...are you bored yet?  Alex graduated.  Twice.  Once from Clarkson with his degree in Engineering...(I am so proud of him!)

 and once from SUNY Potsdam with his degree in physics.  I'm thrilled.  He also has a job for the summer doing research and grad school in the fall.  And his Victoria graduated, too. 
Victoria and Alex graduating from SUNY Potsdam today!!!
So.  Finally home and hiding inside because the temperature is probably 97 in the sun.  And while we were in the shade during graduation, the kids were frying out in the sun for hours!  But they look happy anyway!

And through all of this I have been revamping my work spaces and cleaning out old stuff.  Moving looms, going through boxes and boxes.  It was so bad that I could not work on anything until I did this.  I have figured out that I am officially a hoarder.  omg.  Please someone get me a dumpster.



  1. Cait, you are one brave woman--before I'd step on that platform, I'd want to inspect every single nail to make sure it doesn't collapse...

    Fellow hoarders unite--in desperation :-)

    Happy birthday!

  2. Happy happy birthday to you! The cake looks soo good!

    I could not have climbed up on that platform either... makes me queasy just thinking about getting up that high, although in my younger years I probably would have hoisted myself up there and thought nothing of it. Probably has something to do with not wanting any broken bones at this time in life. LOL

    So, what kind of engineering is Alex going in to?

  3. Hi dear Cait: catching up on blogging and everything since I got home. Happy Birthday a bit late, but early for the next one! xo And cheers to Alex and victoria..and to you for going to Camp Braveheart again. The photos Do show the challenge and then some..not my kind of challenge.
    I am so glad to see all you are doing and your happy face. COme visit Seattle 97 degree weather here! xoxo