Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blue and White Towels

Had to start something new for the spring...and I'm taking a trip in late June to see my brother and SIL in Boulder and I want to take them some towels. I figure if she doesn't like these she can always re-gift them! So working on 12 of these and will do some of these as stripes and some as plaids. Will list what I don't give away on Etsy.

Winding on my warping mill

Winding on the back beam

Threading through the headles

Reed sleyed and beginning to tie on

Back of the loom

So I've only woven two towels so far because I decided to do some spring cleaning.  And take everything out of my "work room" which has really become a store room and a dump.  I'm taking over the playroom for a weaving room and turning my work room into a sewing room and moving looms out of the living room.  phew...a lot of work but I'm finding things I thought missing for good.  I have to admit when I'm working and creating all semblance of order goes out the window.  To say nothing about not organizing for the past several years while I was sick.  So I'm getting rid of stuff I don't need and giving lots to one of my weaver friends to use and I'm already feeling a lot lighter! 

I'm off to Camp Bravehearts this weekend.  A weekend camp for women who have had cancer!  I went last year and I can't wait to get there again!  Full of amazing and wonderful women!  All ages, shapes, colors...cancer does not discriminate.  A weekend full of healing, hugs, good people, fresh air, good food, wine, music...I'll take pictures!!



  1. Cait, I would imagine that she'll LOVE the towels! Beautiful!

    Have a great time at the camp!

    Take care,

  2. Oh, Cait, you and me spring cleaning...she'll LOVE those towels, and she'll keep them for sure.

    Have a great time at the camp--it sounds wonderful!

  3. Love them. Sometimes a clearout is a good thing. I have one every so often, just to find things again - I am the same, when I work it's chaos, so things get lost. xoxo

  4. Love your fresh colour scheme, Cait! I know what you mean about having a spring clean: one comes across all sorts of things that may or may not be needed any longer.

    Hope you are having a great time at your weekend get together :)

    Best Wishes Julia x