Friday, June 1, 2012

Mountain Mist Cotton Scarf

Well, I'm just messing around with stuff.  Now that I moved everything and sorted through all my yarns I realized that I have all these fabulous colors in cotton yarn and I will never use them up making towels.  So I wanted to make a wide scarf with stripes and add some texture.  I don't have any variegated cotton so I'm working on adding interest in the texture but I won't really know how it turns out until it is off the loom and washed...probably tomorrow.  Then I will be able to tell if the sett is working (whether it is too tight or too loose), and how much shrinkage there will be.  Right now it is 11 inches wide and I will probably weave to 80 inches or so.  We'll see...I'm having fun!

Winding the warp on my warping mill...

Beaming the warp...

closeup of the texture on the loom...

Here's hoping!
 I hope to end up with a scarf that is fine for both men and women though most of my customers are women...I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. I'm catching up with your blog, dear Cait..what a fine re-entry (for me from my travels to return to blogland) to see these pix and hear about how much fun you are having. WIll stay tuned. xo

  2. ...looking gorgeous already, Cait! It's incredible how much work is involved in preparing the warp. I never cease to be amazed by the work and preparation before you can even start to weave something--but it's like an addiction, and I love it.