Monday, April 16, 2012

Gary's Birthday!

Noah made a surprise visit home from school with Sofia for his Dad's 66th birthday!  And Victoria came with Alex and a good friend, Isaiah.  There was chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream.  I'm trying to walk off the pounds ...
Noah and Sofia

Alex and Victoria making real potato chips

OK, Noah is a brat...sigh...I made them do it again because he was being incorrigible and it was totally worse the second time. 




  1. Sounds like a fabulous day! Happy B'day Gary! :)

  2. Just catching up now with your blog Cait; happy birthday to Gary; congrats on the impending grandchild, wonderful projects, creativity and dog training!!! Missing you; I was looking at some of the pictures of your visit to Whidbey and our day together. xoxo

  3. sorry to have been so out of touch, cait. so much happening with ollie and gary and, er, the indomitable noah! happy b to gary! and then there is that beautiful long cloth!