Friday, October 28, 2011

October Morning Scarf...

YAY! I got one of these off the loom, washed, ironed, photographed and loaded onto Etsy! A good day...though the whole day I kept thinking I should be riding cause the sun was out. But this tiredness is hard to overcome some days...And the Dr. said just eat right and exercise and your immune system will kick in. Hmmm...having a hard time forcing myself outside.

I was so in love with this scarf that I took pictures before washing which I never do. I love the yarns that make up the fringe!

I even like it crumpled up.

Washed, ironed and in the sun!

Thank you Velma for the inspiration!

Barn work this weekend. Maybe a ride (ok I will, I will!). Lunch with some former triangle weaving students who are driving 1 1/2 hours to see me! I'm honored!



  1. It is magnificent!! Love it. What a gorgeous array of colors to bathe the senses in.

  2. Beautiful. LOVE the colours. :-) xo

  3. A beautiful piece, Cait! Looks great from all angles.Hope you had a fun lunch with the traingle weaving students. xo

  4. oh my it's gorgeous! now go get on that horse :)

  5. A positively vibrant and luscious piece - wonderful :)