Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Scarves...

Newest warp...this scarf was inspired by Velma (an incredible artist) and her morning pictures. There was such a delicacy of color there and soon this warp will be a scarf "October Morning." Full of wondrous texture and subtle (for me!) color--I can't wait to weave this one!

Warp on the warping mill before being transferred to the loom.

And my newest finished scarf "Intrigue." Not so subtle! Love the drama!

and the yummy fringe!

I've been trying to pace myself lately because of fatigue. I have a little pancreatic cancer group here and since we lost two I've been tired. And unfortunately we have two a dad of a friend and the other I haven't met yet. So I'm off for a nap on this rainy day and I'll weave more tomorrow.



  1. wow, cait, october morning colors are lovely. i'm tickled that i inspired you!

  2. Gorgeous colors and textures, great work!

  3. Beautiful! Great color and texture? Who could ask for more!!

  4. It looks fantastic! Great job!

  5. Beautiful colours. Shame you don't live closer, I'd love to come round and see! :-) xoxo

  6. Love the colors and was so thrilled to see Velma inspired you. Your work is ever more
    beautiful, if that is possible. Glad you are taking time out to rest.