Sunday, October 2, 2011

Barn update...

Harold (builder extraordinaire) with his bobcat drilling holes for our pole barn!

24 holes...

4 1/2 feet deep...

Harold is letting Gary use his machine! Too bad that shortly after this it started pouring and hasn't really stopped...

Tomorrow poles are being delivered and Harold will come back and help us set them. YAY progress!

Daily wrestling match...Magic (Adam's 4 yo kitty) and Ballou (10?). Usually Ballou heads for higher ground when Magic gets too rambunctious but she was into it yesterday...



  1. here comes the barn do do do do... YAY!

  2. What a great start on the barn!! Congrats! Will look forward to following this all the way to the barn raising!! Like the kitty wretling match too. xo

  3. Hey Ginny! We are making progress!!

  4. Great to see the progress - can't wait to see the next instalment!

  5. Erika, we are so excited working on this barn! Everyday Gary comes home wanting to work on it! YAY!!!

  6. The cat video brought back memories of my childhood cat, Charles, who would sit psyching out the neighbour's cat for long minutes at a time, until one would reach out a paw and tap the other one on the cheek, and next thing you knew, there would be a fur bundle with claws flying!

  7. These two cats are so funny--they will even share pieces of chicken and drink water together! Magic is usually the instigator because she is younger but they both love playing!