Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Walk in the Woods

Gary and I walked to the pond yesterday to get kindling...we take big feed bags and fill them with little branches and store them in the barn for the wood stove. Mieux went with us though she really likes to be carried and complains all the way! Here she is blissed out on Gary's jacket!

filling up the bag...

my horse trail through the woods...

down to the mucky pond. The beavers (which are gone now) plugged up the outlet pipe and now the pond is not flowing and has risen quite a bit. So we are cutting a channel and lowering it until we can actually find the pipe. Then somehow we will have to ream it out since it is filled with mud. At least living here we will never run out of things to do!!!!

wouldn't want to go swimming here... I've seen lots of snapping turtles. We also have a blue heron who likes to visit as well as a piliated woodpecker, coyotes, occasional ducks (though I think the turtles get them), deer, turkeys and lots of smaller animals.

on the way back the last daisy!

Have a lovely week!



  1. Wonderful wonderful nature shots--and a cute little kitty!

  2. a lovely walk, cait-- i love collecting kindling in the woods behind our cottage...my husband calls me 'the woodchuck'...hehehe.

  3. Catching up on blogs with this lovely post. xo

  4. So much wildlife! Our pond is about two feet wide by six feet long, and frogs are the most exciting visitors we get. Keep warm and cosy :)