Friday, November 4, 2011

Training Week!

Off to my trainers for a week...both Dom and Duke. Though I will only be training with Dommie. Loading went very easily this morning especially considering they only load twice a year! Dommie always has to think about it but Duke just walked on. Not bad.

Over to Nancey's with Linda to help.

Such cute butts!! Ohhhh...I just reread this...not THEIR butts, the HORSE'S butts.

They are happy and full of beans here. And there are other horses including a mare they both love!

Already settled in except for some squealing between Dommie and Nancey's older horse, Rocket.

After they ran around, we all saddled up. Linda on Duke, me on Dom and Nancey on her mare. Wonderful day. And I'm feeling more energized after riding than I usually do!

Lesson tomorrow!



  1. Wonderful day indeed!!... and the soreness you will experience will be the good kind. I always tell myself that, anyway :-)

  2. awwww! your butts are cute too! looks like fun :)

  3. Hey, Cait...I laughed out loud reading this. :-) Wonderful post and pictures!