Friday, October 30, 2009


I invited middle child, Alex, over for dinner (he lives on campus at SUNY Potsdam) with his girlfriend, Victoria and they promised to carve for food!!! YAY! I am not much of a carver and it is fun to see what they come up with! Victoria insists she can't carve either but the boys just laugh at her and she came up with demonic eyes and a wide smile on hers! Too funny...and Alex came up with the scary pirate and Noah with...hmmm...tooth monster! So they earned their dinner then Alex and Victoria went back to school! I miss having my kids around, the pushing and shoving and playing that boys seem to love! "Someone is going to get hurt!!" Sort of bittersweet to see them so grown up!
So even though we don't get any trick or treaters we are ready to scare away bad spirits at our house!
Happy Friday, everyone! xo


  1. Ooooh... love the pumpkins. We didn't carve any this year. Being out in the woods, we don't get trick or treaters (which I do miss!) and so we have gotten kind of slack about our holiday decorating. We let nature do it for us, I guess. But I so enjoyed seeing these... what fun. And aren't you a sweetie for having the kids come and enjoy a home-cooked meal? I'm sure they truly appreciate that! Thanks for this post!

  2. Love the punkins!! That takes a talent, oh, and lots of patience too. They really light up the night, don't they?


  3. They look totally fab, all three of them. :-)

  4. Thanks guys for all your comments!!! The kids were so industrious and serious, just carving away--too cute for words!! And even though I invited Alex and Victoria for dinner (they really don't need an invite because they are always welcome!!) Gary was working late and I made Alex cook the chicken on the grill! What a Mom! (Hey, I don't do grill) :) But I roasted potatoes the way he likes them to make up! xo

  5. Great pumpkins! They did a wonderful job. I miss little kids in my house too...they grew up too fast.