Monday, October 19, 2009

Winding on my "Neutrals" Scarf!!

From the warp pile on the chair (which has been carefully taken off and daisy-chained from the warping mill) I bring the warp up and over the loom and wind it onto the back beam with paper keeping the threads from sinking into each other and spoiling the tension.
The warp below is wound enough and hanging from sticks, ready to thread.

Then I sit in front of the loom and pull each individual thread through the heddles in the order I previously prepared on the warping mill and then through the reed. Once that is complete I tie it onto a bar attached to the front beam and I'm ready to weave!!
I am working at weaving neutrals but as you can see I keep slipping into color!! I think, though, that I don't really have very much in the way of neutral threads so I will have to remedy that! I already have the first scarf off and ready to photograph! I have to idea if this even makes any sense to anyone!!! :)

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