Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dyeing and Scarves!!

Short post today because I have sooooo much to do!! Here are some scarves waiting for their labels to be sewn on hanging from one of my looms...after I sew on the labels I will make a tiny knot in any thread I think might untwist in the fringe causing it to be fuzzy. Then I iron and I take one picture of each type of scarf because I make 4 of each. And then I pin the hang tags (one tag about the scarf, one on materials, one business card) and off to the storeroom (ok Guestroom) !!

Skeins by the woodstove from the last dyeing! I might have time today to wind these back into balls and make skeins out of more of my naturals stash. I still have everything set up so later this week I have a friend coming over to dye with me!!! Will take more pictures, hopefully!! :) And Wednesday the weaving meeting is here! Yikes!!! Cleaning!!!! UGH!!!

Happy Sunday! xo


  1. Thanks Spinner/Weaver!! I seem to be working longer and harder now that I'm on Etsy!!! I'm still inspired though I am trying to find more of a balance between producing, being on-line and doing something physical! And my horse is a little fat (we match!) and needs to exercise!!

  2. What great photos. Love all the colors! I'm going to keep my eye on your shop for new listings. I have a birthday around the corner:) I've enjoyed reading your blog and etsy profile. You have an amazing life.

  3. What a lovely photo of the scarves! You do such amazing work!
    Xanna :)

  4. Thanks, Cat!! I love your shop and your photography--amazing stuff!!

    Nice to see you Xanna!! Thanks for commenting! :D