Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Dyeing Day!!

Well, a new friend came over on Monday and we dyed all day!! I got ready the day before, winding skeins from my naturals stash, laying out all the jars (some of which had to be washed from the last time and I'm not going to tell you how long ago that was!) and all the dyes and the plastic wrap, gloves, measuring spoons, soda ash for setting the dye and urea for mixing the dyes. Oh, did I mention that my Noah actually cleaned my workroom so I could get two people in it? :) (He did that so I wouldn't move everything downstairs to the playroom and make a mess that his friends might see!!!!) :D I have big pieces of plywood covered in heavy plastic set up on tables so we didn't make too much mess. After the actual dyeing we rolled each skein up in plastic wrap and put it in a bucket to set for 24 hours. Then rinse---an rinse, and rinse, etc. on and off all day. Right now I'm ready to hang the skeins up to dry (even though it is raining AGAIN!) and will take more pictures!

I really had a wonderful day and it was so much more fun with Sue! Thanks for bidding on and winning the dyeing day, Sue!!!

Happy Wednesday!! xo


  1. WOW. It's not fair, why can't you live closer? I'd love to spend the day dyeing yarn with someone!!!

  2. Hi Sybille! I know--it is so much fun with someone!!! Sometimes I feel very isolated up here in the North Country!! Beautiful but the population is a bit thin!! xo

  3. Pretty pretty colors! And sounds like much fun. Love how you got Noah to clean for you!

  4. Hi Rebecca! Soon pictures of the balls of thread when I get all the skeins rewound!! Noah is bored here at home even though he is working being a sub at the high school almost every day and he is a cleaning nudge!! He can't think when it is a mess, it seems! So I luck out!! He does however, put things in strange places where it takes some ingenuity to find them!! :)