Thursday, October 31, 2013

Annie's Towels!

I've been working.  I know.  I'm supposed to be retired.
but.  I love what I do and I'm back in the
swing of things.  I'm also doing Zumba.  WHAT!!
Yup.  Feeling energized.  And I'm figuring out
my horse.  Life is good.  

So anyway, I know it is Halloween but
I don't have any kids at home
and we live out in the back of
Or as my BIL says...
"in the tundra."
or is it "on the tundra."  Oh well.
AND I have been craving candy all day
so I'm ignoring Halloween and
working on towels.

Here is the sequence if you want to bear with me.

 Designing the warp on the warping
 Round and round building color...This is 15 yards
long and half the threads (210) needed for towels,
 Took off the first half and winding
the second half--another 210 threads.
 All tied off and ready to take to the loom.

Threads separated into the 21 inches wide
I need to begin winding on.

Looking down on the loom.

All 15 yards wound on and ready to thread.

Pulling each thread through the heddles in the order
I need.
 Beginning to sley the reed...which just means to pull
the threads through the reed so I have the
width I need and the density I need.
 All tied on and ready to wind bobbins
and weave.

Loving this warp!

And, Annie, if you don't like these I can
make you another warp!  Plenty of time yet.
And yes, I can throw in a couple of
crayon colored towels!

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Gosh, nice towels! What is bumpy? Fran

  2. Hi Fran...It is a broken twill and not bumpy...thicker than plain weave and a little more interesting!!

  3. oh my! the patience, girl!! and well worth it - the colors are gorgeous! xo

  4. Thank you Karon!! I think EVERYONE should check out your Etsy store for gifts! Eye candy!! xo

  5. And here is the link!!

  6. Cait, I love to see you working on the loom (and with your horse). Today I went to an exhibition at a museum in Baden-Baden and wore your beautiful scarf. I felt like a princess! XXX

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Dawn!!! Sweet compliment! I'm honored you wear my weaving! xoxo