Sunday, October 13, 2013

Morning Chores...

Miss Ellie and Duke this morning for their
breakfast and a roll.  I'm still working her in the 
morning in the arena.  Trainer dude can't
come until Wednesday afternoon.
After we worked this morning I brushed
her and tried to comb her forelock and mane 
but she was cranky and ducking her head
to escape me.
So we lunged some more
and tried again.  Lowered her head and she
stood there patiently while I rubbed
her.  According to Ellie it was time
to go to the pasture...not time for
grooming.  So she gets cranky when things
are changed around.  So we will
work on that...
Chickens eating tomato skins from
my sauce-making.  I love having
chickens pecking around the yard, 
clucking, chasing each other, being
chickens.  Soon...eggs.

Another amazing day!

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